This is one of the best times in recent memory to purchase a home in Spokane.  Here are the main reasons:

  1. There are a lot of homes for sale.  Buyers have a lot of options to choose from.  
  2. Low interest rates.  With interest rates available below 4% , qualified buyers can afford more home than EVER!
  3. Rock Bottom Real Estate Prices.  Buyers can purchase more house for the money.
  4. Motivated Sellers.  Most sellers aren't selling in this market unless they have to, so that means sellers are motivated to price their homes aggresively and offer concessions to buyers.

Tools to help buyers

With the internet, mobiles devices and cell phones, today's home buyer has many opportunities to take advantage of the extreme buyers market.  Here are some of the tools to help you find your dream home and ways to make sure you are prepared to negotiate the best terms when buying it.

Home Search: Our cutting edge Map Search Tool is free, offers unlimited searches with no sign up required, is easy to use and allows you to login to save searches and if you provide your email address, you can get automatic emails when new homes come on the market.

Market Update: Exhaustive continuing research is compiled in 1 place on our Market Update.  Each month, we organize 10 Local market reports from monthly and yearly average sales price to average days on market to number of homes sold per month and year.  Armed with this information, buyers are educated to be able to negotiate the best terms when buying a home.

Competitive Mortgage Lenders: We only recommend lenders that have a long track record of being competitive not only with interest rates but also the fees involved in originating a loan.  We have years of experience and hundreds of transactions closed as evidence that these lenders will help buyers get a  custom fit loan to help them buy a home.

Expert Referrals: Just like the lenders we recommend, we only recommend home inspectors, contractors or repair men that have proven a great value with top quality expertise and experience.