free home warranty for msht customers

We love to work with loyal customers and to prove it, we offer an AHS Home Warranty to people who buy or sell homes with us.  A home warranty is a renewable service contract that covers the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances. 

Buying a home?  Wouldn't it be nice having the peace of mind knowing that  your new home is protected by a warranty that provides coverage to repair or replace covered components and appliances?

Selling a home?  Offer a warranty to potential buyers and set their minds at ease and give them every reason to purchase your home!  Stand out in a crowded Real Estate market by offering protection.

 AHS Home Warranty Flex Plan Combo
Warranty of Choice Provided by Mark Spear Homeselling Team

The FlexPlan allows customers to build custom home protection plans from specific packages and options, which cover the repair or replacement of many of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home system components and appliances. Please see below for an explanation of each package and its coverage.

FlexPlan Combo®: The FlexPlan Combo provides the most comprehensive coverage. It includes the Core Coverage Plan® and both the ServicePlus and CoveragePlus packages (see below).

Core Coverage Plan®: The basic coverage every American Home Shield FlexPlan customer will receive is called the Core Coverage Plan. This foundational product provides coverage for the repair or replacement of many frequently occurring breakdowns associated with: heating and air conditioning systems, ductwork, plumbing/whirlpool motor & pump, plumbing stoppages, electrical systems, water heaters, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ranges/ovens/cooktops, exhaust/vent/attic fans and trash compactors. It also includes coverages such as 13 SEER, rust, corrosion or sediment and insufficiently maintained equipment. Beyond the Core Coverage Plan, homeowners may decide to customize their coverage with one or both of the packages and/or the additional options listed below.

ServicePlus Package®: Homeowners who choose to add the ServicePlus Package to their Core Coverage Plan will receive coverage for repairs or replacements associated with mismatched systems, undetectable pre-existing conditions, code violations, permits, removal of defective equipment, refrigerant recapture, reclaim & disposal and improper installation/repair/modification.

CoveragePlus Package®: This product includes coverage on previously uncovered items like garage door openers, doorbells, ceiling fans, telephone wiring, central vacuums, smoke detectors, built-in food centers (a central motor as part of the counter with multiple attachments like blender, food processor, etc.) and instant hot/cold water dispensers. In addition, the CoveragePlus Package extends coverage in Core for covered breakdowns associated with plumbing (faucets, shower heads and toilets), heating and air conditioning (registers, grills, filters, window units and heat lamps), microwaves (interior lining, door glass, clocks and shelves), ranges/ovens/cooktops (rotisseries, racks, handles, knobs and dials) and trash compactors (removable buckets).

Additional Options Available at Additional Cost (Not included in MSHT offer): To put together a home protection plan specifically tailored to any additional needs, customers may also choose to add one or more of the add-ons American Home Shield offers, like coverage for breakdowns associated with septic system pumping & septic sewage ejector pump, swimming pool or spa equipment, swimming pool and spa (shared equipment), additional spa, kitchen refrigerator with icemaker and water dispenser, second refrigerator with ice maker, washer/dryer, washer/dryer/refrigerator with icemaker and water dispenser, free-standing ice maker, water softener and well pump.

Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments. Unexpected repair or replacement costs of covered items can easily strain your budget. Plus, finding a qualified professional to solve your problems can be stressful and inconvenient.

Whenever you have a problem with a covered item, you can request service 24/7, 365 days a year. An AHS licensed and independently insured service contractor will contact you to schedule an appointment during normal business hours. After your repair, we'll follow up with you to help ensure your problem was resolved.