10 ways to sell your home

Current market knowledge, extensive experience & creative solutions can help you sell your home 

Traditional Home Sellers

If you are a traditional seller with equity in your home who wants to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time while maximizing the amount of money you receive from the sale of your home, we provide time-honored, tried and true solutions to help you get your home sold.  Our years of experience marketing homes will attract large numbers of buyers who can find your home in a variety of ways and then enable the buyers to view pictures, descriptions and detailed information.  In addition they can view a virtual tour highlighting your home and listen to a Talking House that describes the key features and benefits of your home.  The more buyers that are exposed to as much information as possible about your home, the more likely your home will sell.

Outside the Box Home Sellers

If your situation is a little outside the box, let us take a look at the pieces to your puzzle to see if one of our creative solutions might be just right for your needs.  No equity?  No problem, we can help.  Need to sell quickly?  We’ve got some ideas!  Does your house need work?  We’ve got an answer. 

Once we meet with you and understand the big picture, it’s much easier to put the puzzle pieces together and come up with one or more solutions to meet your needs.  Not every solution works for everyone.  Give us a call and we will explain how one of these creative solutions might get your home sold:

  1. Retail – List and Sell your home using a Licensed Realtor
  2. Wholesale – Sell your home for all cash to an investor
  3. Short Sale- Pre-Foreclosure – Negotiate with the Bank and sell your home for less than is owed on your home
  4. Subject To – Sell your home subject to the existing mortgage
  5. Mortgage Assignments – Assign your mortgage to a buyer or investor who buys your home for the outstanding mortgage.
  6. Rehabbing – Fix & Flip – Does your home need a lot of repairs?  Sell your home AS IS without doing any fix up or repairs
  7. Landlords – Sell your home to someone who buys and holds real estate
  8. Sell Your Home in 9 Days Auction – Sell your home quickly by creating an auction like atmosphere.
  9. Owner Financing & Wrap Around Mortgages – Sell your home and carry a contract
  10. Rent to Own - Lease Option – Lease your home now and give your tenant an option to purchase the home in the future
  11. Combo Plan – Use two or more creative solutions at the same time to sell your home.

Whether you want to sell traditionally, need help stopping foreclosure, have little or no equity and in need of a possible short sale or just having a hard time selling because of the down market....WE CAN HELP!!!